I've created many personal projects in videos editing, many don't make it past the editing software because I feel there's no future in the project or I'll come back to it at a later date after I've learnt how to achieve a certain goal within the software. This page contains all of the projects that I have completed and uploaded to various websites. Each project changes in tone and feel rapidly as I often change the outcome of a project. 
Lost and Forgotten was a project that was set out in my college years, strictly speaking it was my very first video editing project. It was done entirely in After Effects which made the edits themselves a chore, which is what made me shy away from video editing during those years. 

This is me retrying the whole project again only using still images and text. After spending some time on it, I find the finished project came out better than I thought it would. From recreating the project I learnt how to use basic effects to their maximum effect. Which has come useful in other projects I've worked on. 

"The Rabbit Man" was an idea that came about after reading the Urban Legend called "Bunnyman" a tale of a unknown person dressing up as a rabbit to stalk around a bridge during certain times of the year. Those found near the bridge are met with a gruesome end or so the tale goes. There have also been many film adaptations of the tale but none were received well.   

This is the trailer for my idea of the film, making a full version of it is out of reach as of this time but the trailer came out great. All footage was shot either by myself or a friend, the stock footage only appears at the end and are as follows: water flowing down chain, swinging light and pan across old tools (Stock image with added movement effect).

My idea was to make some changes to the tale while keeping the story very much the same. The changes I had in mind was to change the location to a wooded area, to change the main antagonist look to a more realistic mask with a suited bottom, to limit the "Rabbit Mans" screen time, add more interesting effects/edits and various other changes.  

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